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@UndamnedOne @mcg @ridwan @jasonekratz @pimoore Yeah, shit's weird, for sure.

I think mostly 'cuz everyone thinks their stories are better than the other guys—and sometimes they're correct, that's the rub.

Stories from the rear-view mirror crowd, in various disguises, have always figured grossly in our national conversation. The psychological through line: "The story I already know is better, truer, than any new story you can tell me."

Stories from the disrupting woke are finding more and more influence, but to my mind their linguistic gyrations frequently make our world less rather than more transparent. The plot is this: "The new story we're telling untells your story".

But stories are all we got.

Consider a story about little tiny creatures that can get inside your body, use it for fuel, and eventually kill you. That's science fiction, until you learn about germs and hand washing and so on. And you can still find folks who don't know to wash their hands.

Wild right?