Zaphod Beeblebrox via Sam Rockwell, HHG2G, 2005 Zaphod Beeblebrox, via Sam Rockwell, The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, 2005

About this website, me, the internet, you know, all the things.

Dummy text? More like dummy thicc text, amirite?

  • I know it sounds a simpleton’s tautology, but isn’t the point of what we are doing that there is actually a point to what we are doing?

  • I mean, if relevance is no longer relevant…well…good luck…

  • The third point

I see you’ve read past the corporate counter-measures. Congrats!

Obviously your interest about me goes beyond just lapping up some foofy buzz-word laced barrage of, in the end, inanities. “I put the ’gent' in agency”, “obvious wisdom is cheaper than elaborate stupidity”, “feisty iconoclast preachin' the blues”, and other corny shit like that.


I’m a little over 60 as of this writing, happily single, grumpy as a discipline, extremely liberal, so much so in fact that I’m weirdly conservative about some stuff. I love the joy of immersion in art. I like playing in the water. Coffee’s good.

I’ve lived in a couple of few countries and states and cities. Currently continental US, desert entertainment division headquarters. I’ve been, and am, in a couple of few very serious relationships with people, and a bunch with institutions and orgs, and forever and always with ideas.

I use little pictographs as well as emoticons or icons, frequently to be a little bit bratty in my weirdly repressed way, but also as a little commenting language with some loose little definitions provided below. That’s four “little”s in one sentence…revealing…

Sign Signified Sign Signified
❤︎ like, approve, love nature, but also zap!
rooky, tricky special, attention
✖︎ no, uh-uh, disregard a paragraph
all sex/gender is cool what !?!?
☘︎ lucky acknowledge, bill the cat, minutemen
life spirals heart is complicated
wind up, but nice ☮︎ peace
borders reflect, as we do ✌︎ victory & peace
⚛︎ atomic age 𐩕 we group, seven-ish

That should do for now.

I’ve had to make some updates to this table. Some render unreliably, some not at all, depending on viewer…