Hey, @elonmusk, you can’t buy chess—you can only buy a chess set. The real value is not so much in the board and the pieces, but in people’s continued desire to play.

The people who live where the sun goes down see the true nature of things differently than the people who live where the sun rises. What? Oh yeah, they are the same people, but’s still true though, right?

Instead of bitching about the TimeSuck of confirming your TimeMachine backups are correct and complete—instead imagine the counter factual extreme where you aren’t allowed to save any data offline, all must be streamed or subscribed. Love me a big bowl o’ backups for breakfast.

Hey, folks who do the AppleTV+ MLB knockout ad spot mound overlay graphics. Make them a bit bigger, give them a conical bend, and a little “dirt” shadow. It’ll look like part of the mound, and be less distracting than the obviously out-of-context flat; you get better user acceptance and a bigger ad-space. Multi-win.

I, too, sometimes find art puzzling.

Why am I Mr. Pink? Why can’t we pick our own color?

Sometimes it is your job to play a role, and it doesn’t matter what name you give to the role, you should just play it the best you can.

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The Smith Rock Slap? A national inflection point in the long running Woke vs Joke debate; in essence, can joking be acceptable behavior in an equitable and peaceful society? To which the answer is: “Where is this society of which you speak?”

You really want to solve a conspiracy? ;-)

Tell my why window installation companies are SO GOSH DARN cagey about their pricing? So cagey that when I go looking for articles about how it is impossible to find online prices for something as simple as a window, I find nothing but articles agreeing with me—but still NO PRICES? Why? What is the big deal? Are there really high precentage profit margins to reap from all the people who haven’t compared prices? Is every job, every single goddamn job THAT unique? No way. No way in hell. 4sq ft of pane, and 4ft of pvc, and some hardware, hinging, etc. CAN NOT BE A PRICE MYSTERY.

I’m affably baffled.

I’m suspicious that the central dilemma in my life is the belief that there is a central dilemma, which, once solved, would ensure permanent freedom from, y’know, suffering and all that.

Just turned the house fan off, after absentmindedly switching it on to treat a minor air quality emergency this morning. Good gravy, that ol’ devil white noise sure is sneaky. It was like leaving a wind-tunnel and getting noise cancelling headphones.