There’s stuff that I can’t talk about, stuff that I won’t talk about, stuff that I don’t talk about, and stuff that I will talk about—which seems to be the exact opposite order of what people want to hear.

It’s not just the heat, but the stupidity…

Frankfurt am Main - City Center

This is not a great reproduction, but it is a great map, especially for tourists at the time.

And (laughs) do you remember when we thought a dancing monkey atop every webpage was the price we had to pay for jetson-level investment ops, fr33music4eva, and online ice!

I’ve always been a bit cranky and obtuse but now this attribute better fits the age demographic I am inexorably sliding into…Long story short, the ads are more relevant but I forget them faster.

(breathlessly)…it’s about a hacker that knows super-advanced Cashzeer, who goes to a self-checkout at a store and (flurry of typing) the system buys everyone’s groceries and gives back ATM-level (big gesture) change, and some running, and then a guy in an apron yells, and…you in?

Unwanted Series Extension

So, part 2 tanked, mostly because it was literally a rehash of point 1. The 2. Language changes apace with the real world. Yeah, language in the broadest sense, so human, natural, and otherwise is in rapid flux as far as afaict, and I do not mind. But I don’t like language games intended to harm, either to harm real people or to harm the game itself. Don’t like it.

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Return of Pedantic Ass-Clown

Summary of part 1 : It is cool now to say stuff it was not cool to say earlier. So, 2. doing things in language that you cannot do in the real world. Well, we all know an example of that! :-) You are soaking in it. In case that was too dense, or you are, what I mean is this: To speak of “we all know” is possible, but it doesn’t refer to anything in the real world, only to something else in the world of language.

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Pedantic Ass-Clown

So, I do not want to come across like a pedantic ass-clown, but it is super important to keep two things in mind: 1. you can do things with language that you cannot do with the real world, and 2. language changes apace with the real world. Take a term like ‘ass-clown’. I use it now with impunity, unconcerned as to its potential effects on others and on my reputation. Would I have, even just a few years ago?

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