End of the World – Individual Serving: Death.

My on-body time navigation equipment, in the spirit of @jack ’s double-wristing.

Note: the Jolly Roger wrist band is to remind me of my own mortality, not to frighten the children.

Exploding Cigars? Yeah, it was funny, y’know? Light your cigar, then — bang — it explodes! Funny right?

End of the World – Individual Serving: War.

Hey #henchmen, when tying people up check for double-jointedness or dislocation tricks — I mean, c’mon it’s basic anatomy.


Should be a great xmas, so many Santas!

Headlines that tell the entire story

Hey, news editors writing headlines that tell the entire story—be praised! The ordered presentation of facts and not the grooming of responses is what citizens want. And despite likely higher click-through rates, the rest of you can fuck off with the coy questions, implied mystery, fortune telling, and all the other horseshit. Oh btw, "facts" are all the things you can know without opening up anybody else's head. Inside the head stuff is called "

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Twitter is the town square for a very small square town where the townsfolk can only like, repeat, or slap each other.


I try to be a good atheist, but sometimes I’m just like “goddamn it!”