What is my response when asked what I do for a living? 👉
Hint: I’m a technical writer.
Extra hint: The pointer is the answer.

You know those kind of questions that are just so interesting to ponder that it is a bit disappointing when you learn the actual answer? Thursdays are an example of this.

Frank: “Hey—what in the…name of—hey! (knocks out guy) Whaddya doin' kissin' this guy?”

Sarah: “Well, I didn’t want to kill him…”

Frank: ”Well, what kind of stupid logic is that!?”

Main characters discussing tactics, RED 2, 2013

Well, that was pleasantly uneventful.

*About This Mac* dialog with OS: Sonoma 14.0 highlighted

Here we go.

Screenshot of software update dialog for Sonoma


A disastrously overworked image of flaring lights at a traffic accident. No injuries and no road flares.

Traffic accident scene, night time with damaged vehicles. No injuries. Emergency response vehicle’s lights flaring.


It’s clear there are just two kinds of people, those who think up, produce, and/or eat dinosaur shaped food, and well, the rest, which I will have to refer to as normys. Remember, the symbolic consumption of monsters from a different time is open to each and everyone of us. Take advantage of it! ♜


One of my favorite designs, the slide and tip make any suitable strap a belt. Old web belt with well worn *Dakine* slide buckle and tip


a day in the life

It is just views like this on the regular, day…

View looking northeast at the Strip, behind *Circus Circus* towards the *Fontainebleu*

a night in the life

…and night.

View looking southeast at the Strip, behind the *Bellagio* towards the *Cosmopolitan*.



Some road. You can buy a banner ad facing the wrong way for 30 bucks.

Street with divided lanes, utility boxes, an advertisement, and some greenery.