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Just exactly how many action film franchises have the dead love interest underwater scene? It’s in Lethal Weapon. It’s in Bourne. It’s in Bond.

I’m interested in that alien environment with no air, float and stare moment as a popular aesthetic choice for the brutal, typical plot development of the lead character.

Is it in other films I’m not remembering right now?

Surreal? Yessir!

Recent reporting about the USAF AI McGuffin immediately brought a recent documentary about De Beers, Nothing Lasts Forever, to mind. Let me explain.

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At my age you might have guessed Conklin, or Landy, but no, it really is Nicky. Treadstone Psych 101 again.

Sure, I wanna be a Jason, but I’m really much more a Nicky. That’s Treadstone Psych 101.


sky with plane

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An example from Wolfram to be found in this collection I mentioned in previous post.

It gets hairy technical and mucho mathy, but the illustrations will help enormously, and the progression of ideas is well considered, pedagogically sound.

I see many people here are interested in the topic of artificial intelligence.
This collection of materials will surely be worthy of review. AI Canon from a16z

Disclaimer: VC sourcing and I’ve read only here and there, but Wolfram is cool and original papers are available, etc.

What For

multicolor canvas, geometric pattern with metal rod and text overlay, rotated off axis

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Say that you’ll never, never, never, never need it.
One headline, why believe it?
Everybody wants to rule the world.

— Tears for Fears, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, 1985

Don’t believe folks who tell you the only acceptable way to be your true self is to lie about it to prevent their discomfort. That’s hokum. Of course, if your true self is inextricably intertwined with making others uncomfortable, well, can I interest you in our selection of alternate planets…

He looked me straight in the face. “People are either likable or intelligent.”
I waited but he didn’t smile, nor unhinge his jaw, which was, frankly, disorienting.
“And you consider yourself…?”
“Not people—” he shot back, then diminished “not like, regular people…"
So, people? I thought.

A collection of books discussed during a discussion on first day of micro.camp 2023 here at micro.blog

Great conversation to kick things off at micro.camp. Thanks to all the micro.blog team for creating a nice place to be here.

Really John? Is it video games and movies causing boys to try to murder the world? Really? Have you looked at any data? Do you have any empathy? You are speaking in public, sir. Don’t lie.

Cucumber Beverage

street scene, mint green

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“Even if the only commonality they share is uniqueness do not classify as ’unclassifiable‘”. The instruction doubled-back on itself, the ticker-tape now entangled with the hole-puncher, changing its own nature by random, stumpftt, stumpftt, stumpftt, little paper flakes, thread flecked, floating.

If you are thinking about pro monger as a career, consider the three main sub-industries have markedly different cultures, expectations, and rewards. They are: iron, fish, and fear. Iron requires great capital (the buttresses alone!), fish are easier but slippy, and fear, well, fear mongs itself.

Okay, replace the z signs w/ oh…whatever you like!

A simple conversation — www.instagram.com

In re: prev post, yes I’m referring to Guns, Germs & Steel.

Trust the ground fact that white men tended toward societal power on this planet only as a result of the peculiarities of its geological propensities, unique distribution of grains, flora & fauna, etc. By chance, not merit, nor superiority of any sort—only, exclusively, by historical accident. Hi!

Folks understand identity (sense of authorization) is transactional by definition, right? And identity (sense of who you are) is moot in relation to nature?
The forest (fuck’n white guy, why not jungle or playa, asshole!!!)—the jungle does not give a shit who you think you are.

“You think I would be working in a place like this if I could afford a real snake?”
— Zhora, via Joanna Cassidy in Blade Runner, 1982

Why any continue to give ear to a blowhard going around firing people who do not work for him is beyond my ken to wrestle into sense for you darling. Have a cookie instead.

Perhaps more self-consciously self-revelatory self-documenting than anything else I’ve posted is this:

My mum told me as a kid, so often, so softly, but with something a little different in her eyes, she would say, “Sweetie, you’ve got to fight fire with fire.”

I listened.