@hollie I think this may be a case of designers using their intuition to decide what “intuitive” must mean for folks running their software, with the sort of results you’ve described, rather than finding out what user’s intuitions actually are. There is also evidence which says these designers depend heavily on “training” rather than intuition.

Of course, there may be some merit, in this particular case, in making it just a little difficult to slam the snooze button and sleep through, say, an important keynote address, right? 😄

@aral ”Lion tastes good. Let's get some more lion.” — One of the Other Guys

@mrcompletely Your criticisms are on point, but I believe all we have is narration, one way or another...but let that not detract from the point here, and yes, I don't want to plod through the magnificent story of the delicious pudding, I just want the recipe.