@UndamnedOne Yes, that work must be acknowledged in the same way way that the work done to secure shelter, heat, food, etc. to allow the partner to do what they do best must be acknowledged. It is a two-way street.

Do so many people really think we would be better off with only one-way streets?

@Ron if your general take on communication folly and the damage it causes could somehow be recognized as a truer truth than ordinary truths, well that would make me smile more.

It is astounding how discourse has changed course. But we’ll get it sorted! 🤓

@jsonbecker maybe a picture is worth a thousand… but that little handful of words did a great job conjuring up the tastes. MmmMmm.

@jasonekratz I just dont like to see people create these things in their heads and then suffer as a result when often a simple remedy is to try to actually understand what you are talking about and how it, to put it crudely, 'matches up' with the real world outside of the world of language in our heads.

@jasonekratz yeah, people seem to like that. I always tell them "If you think the brainwashing hasn't worked—then the brain washing has worked!"

Context is a trickhy thing as well, apart from Definitions, as we are kinda seeing now.