So far, so good.

Editorial Policy

Opinions here are inexplicably voiced almost continuously with no author claim to credentials, relevance, or even coherence. Links all posted at friend prices. RSS feeds vary in nutritional content, see a licensed semiotician. Drinks half price unless otherwise noted. Entropy is fun until you are left with the blackhole. Celibate? I’ll sell a bit to anyone buy—oh, celebrate! When you think the brainwashing has not worked, then the brainwashing has worked. Critters crave salt.


I sometimes edit my posts after they are published, mostly for silly typos, sometimes to add meta-commentary, often in form of a side note. I also edit my replies frequently, again mostly for grammatical blunders, but I will sometimes add new clauses, etc.

I try to preserve existing meaning and sentiment so existing responses do not become misaligned with their authors intent because the meaning of the object of their comment changed when they weren’t looking. And mostly succeed I think.

I will, however, edit posts to make it better when the content is simple something of my invention, e.g. a fictional conversation White Russian, or poem Distinctly Leaden, or snack Oysters and Champagne.

I update this and other static pages on occasion. In all cases the versions here are definitive.

No, I can’t tell you why, and I can’t talk about why I can’t tell you.