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I am ready to make this admission. I do this on my own volition.

An e-bike is really just half a golf cart.

I still like them. I still ride them. I am not secretly looking for a tandem.

Thank you.


There’s my lambda glider, ready to roll while I take a moment to check the skyline

E-bike on bridge


The glider is up and running again. Hurrah! 🚲

Slime to the rescue! Not the viscous green goo generated by extrusions into our space-time from the Ghostbusters‘ documentaries—well, who knows!—but it is called Slime, is green and viscous and most importantly, works great on small leaks. 🧪

On Wednesday’s ride the glider experienced an unplanned rapid depressurization event of the rear surface contact component—a flat back tire, yes, for the second time in as many weeks. Now the question is, do we spring for the tannus liner, or do go with a slime lined tube? More soon…