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I am ready to make this admission. I do this on my own volition.

An e-bike is really just half a golf cart.

I still like them. I still ride them. I am not secretly looking for a tandem.

Thank you.

It’s no wonder Ante Up wants to hang around, Kaju always looks like he‘s fresh out of the tub, it‘s uncanny.

Sure, I wanna be a Jason, but I’m really much more a Nicky. That’s Treadstone Psych 101.

An example from Wolfram to be found in this collection I mentioned in previous post.

It gets hairy technical and mucho mathy, but the illustrations will help enormously, and the progression of ideas is well considered, pedagogically sound.

I see many people here are interested in the topic of artificial intelligence.
This collection of materials will surely be worthy of review. AI Canon from a16z

Disclaimer: VC sourcing and I’ve read only here and there, but Wolfram is cool and original papers are available, etc.

He looked me straight in the face. “People are either likable or intelligent.”
I waited but he didn’t smile, nor unhinge his jaw, which was, frankly, disorienting.
“And you consider yourself…?”
“Not people—” he shot back, then diminished “not like, regular people…"
So, people? I thought.

“Even if the only commonality they share is uniqueness do not classify as ’unclassifiable‘”. The instruction doubled-back on itself, the ticker-tape now entangled with the hole-puncher, changing its own nature by random, stumpftt, stumpftt, stumpftt, little paper flakes, thread flecked, floating.