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Graduated this year? Congrats!

So, next obvious question: Is your muffin buttered?

When the machine gets something right, like when my music service suggested this percussion parkour, I am both happy and predictably fawning in the comment thread running as a background process in my head, “Wow, how great that my service provider thought I would like this—and I do! Nifty. I love my corporate choices!” Lots of exclamation points in the comment thread.

When they get it wrong, however, I blame myself.

This last round of “new music we thought you might like” did not intersect with my audio desire much at all. I reflect on this as I hit ⏩ again: ”This is what you think I like based on what I listen to?!?! My taste in music must suck…” I lambast my poor choices, instead of the category engines outputs, whenever reality doesn’t match up with the sci-fi version I expect life to already be. I want to believe.

Say that you’ll never, never, never, never need it.
One headline, why believe it?
Everybody wants to rule the world.

— Tears for Fears, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, 1985

Suggestions for 3 attribution labels better than “content creator”

  • Authorrex: authors which really author the shit out of it.

  • Authorette: authors just getting started with smaller keyboards.

  • Authoroni: authors like me just repackaging the ramen.

If you think we’re gonna make it, you better hang on to yourself.
— David Bowie, Hang On To Yourself from Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, 1977.

What was that lyric from Jello Biafra again? Oh, yeah!

You ain’t the cops. It ain’t anarchy.
Nazi punks, nazi punks, nazi punks, F*CK OFF!

Imagine guitar noises too, if it helps.

Fictional Album

xenomorph spirograph freakout - seethe

xenomorph spirograph freakoutseethe

[ edit: congrats to all who grabbed the rare version! ]

Just Noticing

I’m just noticing that a lot of my ground truth on matters internetty is based on the proposition that the internet is on a continuum with other means of individual creative expression; internet, tv, movies, radio…(skip ahead, brother)…live voice, our bodies. And that it is also this way with tools of individual education, certainly. But (ding!) others may see the thing differently. Perhaps as primarily a token game platform, or a herding mechanism.

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