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Unwanted Series Extension

So, part 2 tanked, mostly because it was literally a rehash of point 1. The 2. Language changes apace with the real world. Yeah, language in the broadest sense, so human, natural, and otherwise is in rapid flux as far as afaict, and I do not mind. But I don’t like language games intended to harm, either to harm real people or to harm the game itself. Don’t like it.

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Return of Pedantic Ass-Clown

Summary of part 1 : It is cool now to say stuff it was not cool to say earlier. So, 2. doing things in language that you cannot do in the real world. Well, we all know an example of that! :-) You are soaking in it. In case that was too dense, or you are, what I mean is this: To speak of “we all know” is possible, but it doesn’t refer to anything in the real world, only to something else in the world of language.

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I keep getting this comic-book impression, right outside my field of vision, while I’m doing the mundane, the dishes, shit like that, and it’s a rectangle, tinted light grey, maybe, with the single word:


Names Don’t Do It, Justice

I’m American, honey. Our names don’t mean shit. — Butch Coolidge ❦ A fictional character brought to us via Quentin Tarantino, an actual person, brought to us by incomprehensible genetic material interacting with equally unquantifiable life experience. With that said, the Supreme Court should just stop trying to be stars and instead just a’get on to a’justice’in, as hard and thankless as that job might be.

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Oh and hey @elonmusk, any big event (#WWDC22) is goodway to re/evaluate bots vs non-bots reality and its impact on #twitter value. I mean why < 5% good? Maybe the value is in the top 1% non-bots anyway?

The Latest Episode

Happy Today Everybody! I just had what can really only be understood as another episode. The Uvalde Murders set a lot of new variable values and my old and now clearly straining algorithms exhibited new bugs, some severe. So I puked on Twitter for two days. Not on the company Twitter but instead on anyone who happened across my little artifacts of pain and outrage (@michaelianblack, @Mr_Completely, @BetoORourke, @AndrewYang) in the cognitive construction referred to as Twitter.

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What Is the Information Circus?

The information circus is my way of mapping an understanding of how the basic elements of our daily existence in language created spaces behave and how they are related to one another. Schematically: A lot of the problems with “news” aka “social media” are happening along the Phenomena -> Data -> Information path. It used to be very expensive to make Phenomena into Data, so we thought Information was really valuable, which turns out to not necessarily be the case.

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Breaking News

In a stunning act of national unity, the people of the United States seem to be realizing, all at once, that what everybody had previously thought was “The News” was in actual fact “Social Media” the whole time! The thing that made it look different, back then, is that the “social” part of “social media” was made up of powerful upper class information entities, either businesses or people, who were the media—or more correctly, who were the message—but now the social part is made up of everybody (anybody) who can understand the channel, and who, it is increasingly apparent, are not necessarily guaranteed to be the channel owners.

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My favorite UI take away from WWDC 2021 is Universal Control.

Having the work surface presented as a continuous space in which one interacts with its contents using any device—rather than interacting with content in device-specific sub-spaces or fractional replicants of the work surface—is subtle and brilliant. This continuous space is what Apple services is really selling, devices are just the access dongles to get at it even more creative blue sky. :-)

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Still working on some mechanicals to establish sufficient intertwingledness.