@jsonbecker A large contributing factor here is the intractability of "ownership"; definitions and understandings must change because the form changed so dramatically. We don’t need to work through all of the algebra involved with the physical mass of 'own-able objects' reduced to zero and the concomitant near-zero distribution costs, but it is clear that it has upended our business, legal, and societal traditions.

Having a copy or two to lend from a local library, maybe all the local libraries in the entire nation, has yet to put a publisher or author out of business. Telling greedy know-nothing B-Ark middle-persons, "Too bad, do better marketing..." is appropriate, in my view.

@jsonbecker Let me expose myself as at least as ignorant and ask, should not the flipping’ Library of Congress be taking on this role? Isn’t it part of their mission to capture everything published in US?

And to your point, yeah, it seems a stretch.

@fgtech Similar with primes. I think AI might just be teaching us what no one taught us :-); e.g know what a prime is, rather than only what describing one sounds like.

@JohnPhilpin Well, CSuisse has historically been a mockworthy frontrunner, but agreed, the mooks at DB had been doing some great silent tap-dancing until recently.

@JohnAN Oh, it all comes and goes, so thx, and to be fair, I’m generally reliably flakey. ❥❉

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