@jefbrr this could be because talking about extremism and misinformation in public can subject you to aggrevied defenders of both, to whom good faith and rationality are game tokens rather than principles, and the roi is near zero.

@crossingthethreshold when the banalities of life no longer appear as punishments you’ve really reached a new level. Sometimes washing some dishes feels like a break rather than a chore. Weird, huh?

@maique, there’s likely to be more and more of these sorts of e-mobility issues.

Recent Atlantic article lamenting the shortcomings of legislative imagination as if it were a technology problem, and a similarly pointless comment from Vice gives us a taste of the potential “public debate” to come.

I am a recent and very happy owner/user of a foldable step-through class 2 e-bike and it is a great solution for the lifestyle/climate I find myself in.

@JohnPhilpin Absolutely. The deal is free = ads, pay = no ads. Been like this for ever. Too many middlemen lose out when you switch to micropayments so they are working hard to blur distinctions.