Hey #languagepolice #neologists #orthographychampions and #innocentstandersby, how about “thay/thair” instead of “they/their”? It sounds the same, but now I can write more exactly what I mean. Thoughts?

Rationality, and patience, and generosity, and love do not need protecting. They are the protection.

Yes, again it is the promise of apocalyptic judgement that is the core of their manipulative powers.

I needn’t repeat the only apocalypse any of us face is personal and inevitable and natural.


Trump Supporters Think They’re in a Fight to the Death - The Atlantic

Cross Word Puzzle

The good news is that the four, yes four, open crossword puzzles previously occupying my mind have all been completed. Threads closed. All done. I have the receipts. The reason I mention this is because, in a parallel universe I’m known to frequent, it is in fact, and actually, the number of successfully completed word puzzles which determines the general health of the society creating and solving them. Not farm production.

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I run my mouth a lot, so I should make clear...

...because maybe somebody does read this, because maybe ON the OFF chance that somebody does read this, and perhaps thinks if I’m criticizing software in some sort of abstract way it must actually be about the platform I am posting my criticisms on, so perhaps Twitter, or where I secretly really hang out, on micro.blog. Well, it is not. I like twitter for what it is, mostly, and micro.blog is groovy, does just what it does without fuss.

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Hey, #cybersecuritypros the only question you must have a yes answer to: When any of your systems do something you either did not ask for, or are surprised by, can you reach the on/off switch? Astounding how many times * scenarios I hear “I didn’t know you could turn it off.”

Everybody is confronted with profundity, by the raw awe of living. It’s just that not everyone insists on making it everyone else’s business. Relax.

J Dilla - Donuts

You really should listen to the whole box, not just grab The New, Mash, and Time: The Donut of the Heart (although they are delicious) and think you’ve tasted pretty much the entire album.

Just sit down for a little less than three quarters of an hour and listen to Donuts. An astounding audio time travel road trip hangout at professor tensors hyper ovoid musical loop farm (city version). So many little audio tricks, so many genres, so much quirky imagination, stuff you heard on fuzzy FM in ’74, blooped back on the loop, and the tomorrow people! Go get your girlfriend…because dancing.

Is “denude” like “inflammable” in that they mean whatever the hell you want them to mean? Definitely can burn or won’t. Not un-nude, totally nude. Ach, la langue.

Software is really just very very very very small hardware

Software is really just very very very small hardware. The only moving parts are the words, and they take up exactly zero space. This is another reason why so much software is garbage. No one can see what the hell is going on in there ;~}

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