If you are thinking about doing something a little gangsta this afternoon—or even if not—have a listen to this before you go, just to sort of loosen up :-)

Prof - Big Hungry Monster

Prof - Horse

More Songs About Buildings and Food

All we may have left to offer our children, by way of an explanation as to how things came to be the way they are, is that we conquered, and now run, the entire world with language games…

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Tiny — View From Gen

#mbmar #tiny 📷 March Photoblogging Challenge

Fictional Investor Brief

Turing Tours - AI Training

Company Name Turing Tours
Industry AI Training Data Sets
Founded 2023
Assets IP ownership and license in excess of 12.5k petas (raw, estimated)
CRate Domain conversion exceeds ~200 gigs per day/domain
EYield Entropy holds at -.03

Ante-Up and Eleven good friends, both rub same paper, show world.

Well howdeedoodaaday!

A Potential Major Discovery: An Aperiodic Monotile

Life Is Good In the Greenhouse

A great little ditty from a great little combo from way back when…

Everybody says something, truth lies or both
But dear all your hot air don’t encourage growth
Do you wonder why I look so fresh?
Do you wonder why I look so tall?
Do you wonder why you’ll never ever move me?
Life is good in the greenhouse
Rather be a plant than be your Mickey Mouse
— XTC from Go2, 1978

XTC - Go2, 1978

Houseplant — Rather Than Your Mickey Mouse

#mbmar #houseplant 📷 March Photoblogging Challenge

Trusted Securities Advisor ChatGPT

Trusted securities advisor ChatGPT says this is what we’ll hear from the Federal Reserve in their next statement (Note that ChatGPT has no information past September 2021): At the Federal Reserve, we are deeply concerned about the current banking liquidity crisis. We understand the challenges faced by financial institutions in managing their liquidity risk in the current environment of heightened uncertainty and volatility. To address this crisis, we are taking several measures to support the liquidity needs of banks and ensure the stability of the financial system.

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Quote from Finite and Infinite Games which struck as wisdom and stuck with me since:

To be prepared against surprise is to be trained.
To be prepared for surprise is to be educated.
— James Carse

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