The Replacements

Hi All! I love saving precious microseconds everyday. (So far I’ve got about 15 minutes in reserve!) Imagine just typing ‘mbphotos’ and having it replaced with ‘📷📸’. Fun! A way to do this is with Text Replacements on Mac. Look under Settings and then Keyboard. I’ve collected all of the replacements pictured below into two files. MB Text Replacements.plist is a Mac preference file. You can import the contents by dropping the file on the open Text Replacements dialog box (in Settings | Keyboard).

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The prompt disrupting the picture of the mural disrupted by the balconies of the building disrupting the sky scape. It’s like a whole thing.

A Fairey (inspired?) mural on the north face of the Union Plaza disrupted by balconies, endless balconies.



Blade on board.

Closeup of cleaver blade resting on well used wooden cutting board


Y‘know what scene I love? I love that scene where the hero is on the balcony with the local ally talking about the plan, but they‘re interrupted by the others that are quickly approaching…why are they on the balcony in the first place…who cares, ‘cuz now they gotta go! Yeah, I love that scene.


Some shirts, including the blue version of that Royal Robbins I mentioned in orange.

Closeup of shirts with colorful, varied fabrics and patterns



Another in-bound flight snap, this one over Rainbow Mountain Wilderness outside of Las Vegas, NV. Pretty intense.

Aerial view of Rainbow Mountain Wilderness outside of Las Vegas, NV. with text overlay.</



One of my favorite public art locations, this mural on the ENGLiSH Hotel stays fresh without ignoring the classic. Heh.

Detail of mural, statue of David face obscured by bright flowers, on facade of the ENGLiSH Hotel, Arts District, Las Vegas


I am ready to make this admission. I do this on my own volition.

An e-bike is really just half a golf cart.

I still like them. I still ride them. I am not secretly looking for a tandem.

Thank you.


Red, and a little blue.

Close up of spiky red rubber ball


It’s no wonder Ante Up wants to hang around, Kaju always looks like he‘s fresh out of the tub, it‘s uncanny.