Is “denude” like “inflammable” in that they mean whatever the hell you want them to mean? Definitely can burn or won’t. Not un-nude, totally nude. Ach, la langue.

Software is really just very very very very small hardware

Software is really just very very very small hardware. The only moving parts are the words, and they take up exactly zero space. This is another reason why so much software is garbage. No one can see what the hell is going on in there ;~}

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He turns to me and says with a straight face “I’m hard candy, but I don’t melt.” and I immediately heard myself think “O, I like this one.”

If laws are written in such a manner as to allow smart insiders to skirt them, then we must write better laws.

This is just one of countless examples.

Cosmopolitan sale set a record profit for Blackstone - Las Vegas Review-Journal

I generally try not to pay attention to what machines suggest I do, but my player recently said I might like J Dilla’s Donuts. ❡ Haven’t heard smthng this evocative and intriguing in years. ❡ Moved I was. Remember, they’re donuts, if you have too many you might get sick, AF.

Y’ever think trees and plants are kind of over-compensating for gravity? I mean, I stand here rootless, yet I’m not floating off into the atmosphere…wait..oh uh…hmm…no, okay, I think I get it now.

Are you ever lucky

Are you ever lucky enough to find good material on a recent popular topic, and after reading and reflecting come to understand how spotty and superficial what you thought you knew about the subject actually was? And then maybe thought, is my knowledge generally of this character? And then sat in a heap on the floor all day trying to learn something, anything? I could knit, or fashion some sort of crude lathe… so lucky.

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Remember officers, sacrifice is a value reflected universally in

Remember officers, sacrifice is reflected universally in religions and secular frameworks, a value that becomes self-evident upon reflection, and a value which civil law enforcement is unlikely to ever cease demanding be made manifest by those in its charge.

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Among peers, language can be used for communication, otherwise it creates a world...

Among peers, language can be used for communication, otherwise it creates a world for the reader to inhabit, populated with whatever you’re talking about. It is a big responsibility, especially for public writers, i.e. journalists. Communicate to your colleagues, but just tell the people the story. Let them decide what it means.

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Isn't Dogmatic, Pedantic & Servile an intellectual property law firm?

A quote from Agnes Callard in an essay Art Is for Seeing Evil There is a certain noble lie that we tell students about art. I was told it, and I hear it retold often by those defending great books and humanistic education. The lie is that art is a vehicle for personal moral edification or social progress, that art aims at empathy and happiness and world peace and justice and democracy and the brotherhood of man.

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