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So What Can We Expect

There will be a lot of references to the arts, philosophy, culture, and science, via quotes and tropes, all amid overwrought passages awash with fusillades of adverbs, juvenile prepositional snipe hunting, and semantic antics worthy of carnival barkers and crypto brokers—all alluding to some genius yet hidden. Oooh.

Rusty: Look, it’s not in my nature to be mysterious. But I can’t talk about it and I can’t talk about why.

Linus: Ooooooooooh.

Seriously Though

You can expect a lot of crowing about the Fediverse.

I will talk about how and why I am using some of the currently relevant software which fits conceptually and practically into the overarching principles and values of representing ones overarching principles and values in software models and instantiating them through network execution of the resulting structures. Trying to “talk the walk”, you see?

Some of the applications are bespoke to these uses, others are only coincidentally so.

You will also find (eventually, see below) material examining four interrelated themes:

Caveat the First: I quite enjoy crafting the names of things before they are actually things, i.e. before the above stack of themes are fleshed out in any number of essays, asides, citations and so on, the labeling of them now is such fun.

Also, the themes echo my About page, which is a bit self-referentially fractal, as is my mentioning of it just now, which is a bit my point.

Caveat the Second: I first had “self-reverentially” rather than the correct “self-referentially” as it now stands, which of course leaves a very different understanding of what I am on about. Let’s hope is was just a slip of the auto-correct in software and not the auto-correct of my mind, as “self-reverentially” is only a possible word, while “self-referentially” was here in fact the actual case. And it also makes the joke work.

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