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What Is the Information Circus?

The information circus is my way of mapping an understanding of how the basic elements of our daily existence in language created spaces behave and how they are related to one another.


A lot of the problems with “news” aka “social media” are happening along the Phenomena -> Data -> Information path. It used to be very expensive to make Phenomena into Data, so we thought Information was really valuable, which turns out to not necessarily be the case.

You think that’s air you’re breathing now? Hmm.

Note: I use the more British “circus”, rather than the American “circuit”, to provide the warm and bristling connotations of sawdust and elephant sh&t and trapeze artists and clowns—rather than the cold and lifeless ones of bleeps and bloops and ones and zeros; fostering a environment conducive to engaging reflection should be a feature of everyday language use, no?

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