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Appy Polly Loggies, O My Netizens!

If you have read my posts here to date, where I’m trying to say things which either don’t need saying in the first place or are getting said much better by others, then, sorry. I apologize for wasting your time.

I would like to come across as smart, hip, humorous, insightful, worldly, witty, eclectic, provocative, and prolific—worthwhile, y’know, for the right audience. And not just come across that way, but actually be that way for readers. And this is in part because I have found so much material here on which I would classify using those positive terms, and it is quite gratifying.

I feel like I come across scattered, and desperate, and weird—not “uh-oh” weird, but not quite “funny” weird, either. Maybe I have a chip on my shoulder? Maybe a family-sized bag of chips on my shoulder? Maybe if I got some dip it would feel better? Have I wrung this metaphor dry yet?


BTW, this is not a request for a bunch of sympathy or reassurances. I’ve had oceans of that. It’s not the point for me here. I am publicly airing my disappointment with my own recent production not to garner sympathy but to record facts (notwithstanding their relative subjectivity). I want to encourage myself and others not to talk shit and then abandon ship, but rather to keep at it, get better and then share those results, too.

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