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The Latest Episode

Happy Today Everybody!

I just had what can really only be understood as another episode. The Uvalde Murders set a lot of new variable values and my old and now clearly straining algorithms exhibited new bugs, some severe.

So I puked on Twitter for two days. Not on the company Twitter but instead on anyone who happened across my little artifacts of pain and outrage (@michaelianblack, @Mr_Completely, @BetoORourke, @AndrewYang) in the cognitive construction referred to as Twitter. They probably don’t care that much. In fact I hope they didn’t notice.

It is not what I came to the show for either, to puke on everyone, but I guess I couldn’t handle the intoxicants on offer, over-indulged and well, yeah, consequences. But I am hardly unique in this regard. The evidence is discoverable.

So what did I come to the show for? I wanted to pay attention. I wanted to pay attention to some people’s utterances. People I couldn’t meet in person because of physical distance or class distance. I am the other for everyone else and if I want anyone to listen to me (and I do) then I find it only natural that I would be open to listening to them. Here, have some attention.

Oh so naive. I can only want what the software lets me want. Anyone with a good appreciation of information technology can tell you that the only reason any software ever written doesn’t do everything you can imagine is because it has intentionally been left out. The reasons are often banal and legitimate: not enough time, not enough money, not enough expertise, not enough desire, etc. But this doesn’t mean those reasons extend out to the future indefinitely.

So, afaict, unless we start inserting “real human values"™ at the top of the list for designing any public software, pushing out concerns of profit — yes, I said that, get the fucking profit motive out of public software — we are going to get nothing but more and more capable and ruthless masters. I know I know the correct term is clients and servers but ha ha ha ha… about inversion!

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