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Pedantic Ass-Clown

So, I do not want to come across like a pedantic ass-clown, but it is super important to keep two things in mind: 1. you can do things with language that you cannot do with the real world, and 2. language changes apace with the real world.

Take a term like ‘ass-clown’. I use it now with impunity, unconcerned as to its potential effects on others and on my reputation. Would I have, even just a few years ago? Never mind that my reputation was not much to begin with, ‘ass-clown’ was taboo enough that mentioning it three times in as many breathes, as I just have, would have evoked something like dread or at least apprehension in listeners. Hah! What a bunch of fucking ass-clowns, right? Those fictional readers from way back when. But ‘pedantic’ might be tougher than it was…

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