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I really don’t know why I am not posting more. But of course I do.

I really don’t know why I am not posting more. But of course I do.

Probably the euphoria, not the show, the actual chemical bath I’ve been enjoying for over a fortnight. Really probably mostly that. And the good strong hope you brought refreshments weather, and all the biking (I’ll be mentioning this over and over so be warned. In fact this parenthetical is vying to take over the entire post!)– Hold on. Hold on!

Busy. I’ve been busy with a new gig watching a little place. I feel like I won the lotto.

What!? Did I ebike 🚴 my way to frozen custard? Yes! What a coincidence that you would ask such a question! I did in fact. And that was just today. A range of 30-120 km (that’s krappy miles in amerika) discounted for advertising, operating condition temperatures, and the like, yields safely a round trip of 20k so 12 miles. And that is all electric thumbpress johnfoxx pick up a flip top box off a vinyl seat, metal beat-type ease of movement. It is glorious. The range might sound tiny, but it triples if you pedal your ass along, as I do. I mean, you don’t have to do it like I do it, I just mean, I like to do it, so I do.)

Excercise and mobility to most everywhere of interest, plus I can fold it up and throw it on the front of a bus…I really can’t go on enough about what a super-really super, double good situation this is.

Yeah, so, the euphoria. Living in an Archer reel with actual westworlders. It’s a blast and the scene is chill.

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