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I run my mouth a lot, so I should make clear...

...because maybe somebody does read this, because maybe ON the OFF chance that somebody does read this, and perhaps thinks if I’m criticizing software in some sort of abstract way it must actually be about the platform I am posting my criticisms on, so perhaps Twitter, or where I secretly really hang out, on Well, it is not.

I like twitter for what it is, mostly, and is groovy, does just what it does without fuss. I never feel that I have a problem to solve when using And this goes not just for the natural website, but many other offerings for Mac and iOS. Cool stuff to do all sorts of things with pictures and books and talking about tons of topics. All very much worth it.

Not so for other places, say … (sudden strong Italian accent for no particular reason) FatchaBuch!!!. He means “Facebook” explains his worldly friend. Yeah, or almost every goddamn news site, worth a damn or not. Unnavigable, unindexed, often un-fucking-dated bits and pieces floating around, all bleeding ads as they are presented and represented and so on. Good gravy. And iOS is either trying to do too much lately or I am. Too much fussy long pausing with networks and handoffs and such.

I could go on, but understand I’ll call out stuff by name if it really flipping sucks. I promise.

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