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Change My Pitch Up

The reason I felt it important to just finish out the photo series mentioned above or below, if you’re into the whole reverse-chronological thing, which is cool… is because I want to become accustomed to simply saying the things that occur to me to say, rather than just thinking about them.

Take work, for example.

I’ve self censored my public utterances most of my adult life when even the possibility existed that an employer, past, present, or especially future, might fortune upon it and, digesting it, judge me unworthy. Wow, that seems a lot, huh? It may be. I persist.

Sometimes it is smart to keep your mouth shut, as they say, to refrain from comment, remain silent. But I’ve taken it too far. There are important and interesting things happening all the time and it is ridiculous for me to worry about who might think what about what I have to say about any of it. Good gravy! And it is not only work and money implications that have contributed to my mewing having a frustrated timbre, it is the personal, too. Not that it will surprise anyone, but I kept delaying, convinced “better” circumstances would let me tell a better story. Silly, right?

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