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Smack My Bitch Up

I want to emphasize in this post what I mentioned last time: not censoring myself out of economic, or other, anxieties.

Anecdotally, in what were always described to me as “professional settings”, but turned out to just be “people in a room”, when I thought they were serious when they said “we want to hear what you think”, and I start with a phrase like “…well, your software kinda sucks…” I found myself plunged into a situation I thought I left in junior high school. You can’t use that word! What the fuck? We’re adults solving adult problems—I thought.

And of course it is not this single incident but the cumulative effect of hundreds of similar personality intrusions which, frankly, have exhausted my patience with the perpetually overindulged pawns of industrial management working in software production.

What would you say you do here?

So I’m kind of relieved not to give a shit about that anymore.

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