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So What's the Story

As I was saying, telling a better story is important for me. I feel somewhat compelled to do it, if only in my head, but preferably also to create artifacts for future data waves.

And what do I mean by better? More coherently truth congruent with repeatedly identifiable phenomena; the propositions therein match up with consensus reality; the shit rhymes.

‘But why stories?’, I pretend you ask. Because I’m convinced that in strange ways it is actually ‘stories’ that are the building blocks of our reality. ❡ …using my wildly loose definition of ‘story’, more on which later…

Nuts, right?

However let me not get too far up in the curl because explanations about the limits of languages, the very large versus the infinite, evidence vs proof, and other stuff like that—is that it takes some effort to lay out all the pieces and understand how they (can) fit together, y’know, it takes time to tell the story.

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