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Murderous Lunacy - Solace in Howling

What I really must also address here is a rather dark comment I made on this topic recently, amounting to “c’est la guerre”, a hand wave, and a plume of smoke. Not exactly progressive.

So while somewhat surreal, it strikes me as not a completely doomed idea: contrive circumstance to provide a compelling ROI, both metaphorically for communities at large, but also in a literal business sense, for regulatory services for the arms and munitions industries. You see, if businesses in this industry could actually make a buck by converting it from a cesspool of insider trading, worse than K and Wall combined, into a swimming pool of healthy relaxation and competition, by way of a forces more like fire-fighters and the SEC (with more panache) combined—well, think of subsidising farmers NOT to grow certain foods at certain times. I think we can probably all agree that human life is worth more than say, great bargains on 9mm’s, overall, so let’s pay them to make less.

We understand that some folks in any industry are dangerous charlatans with absolutely no interest in anything but themselves. These fuckers need to be pushed out—to fend for themselves, rather than letting them persist with their ghoulish grinning while striking a gore-soaked liberty bell, and charging us for the pleasure.

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