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Murderous Lunacy? No, I’m okay, thanks.

When I was younger I remember understanding that murderous lunacy was mostly frowned upon, most all the time, and when it happened it was quite exceptional.

Lately I’ve noticed, not only has this habit of violent abandon persisted, but seems to have actually gained in popularity. In my memory, rogue statesmen and stateswomen, cad soldiers, criminals, spies, these were known to on occasion succumb to the jingles of the murder carnival.

But then it was a disgruntled post-office worker. Then some guy just at a MickeyDees in San Ysidro (I was living just north at the time). Then costumed teen-agers killing other children. Now perhaps the solipsistically impaired. I don’t want to sound too detached because I’m not. It is heart crushing and not in the good way.

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