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Continuing this train of thought

Of course, I’m working from the luxury of believing I understand how this stuff works for my ends. Currently I compose my content on my devices and I store it there, and back it up locally. Then I post this material to my domain, So folks can go there and read it and look at it. Then, instantaneously really, it is shared to people on…and anyone who follows me there…or subscribes to my rss feed(s)…or follows me on deadbird where they can belittle or ignore it (☠️🙃🤪❥)…or the hairy elephant (mastodon, ho ho, I’m so funny) where they and I are mostly peers, in discussion at least, and I have no need for boost…and Tumblr, if I connected to it…or Flikr, if I connect to it…and so on. And not just services that can’t buy a vowel, but many others, via scripting and such.

So I have my private source, and my public domain. I can easily push from one into the other. I can interact with any/everyone on all the places where I’m bkryer, which is any/everywhere.

Thanks for making this so easy. It is worth more than a $10 shake.

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