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Don’t think of it as falling. Think of it as a forced advance on the ground, and you can’t miss! ♜

Hey, all you death cult fux, ghoul icons, and your buddies in com, gov & mil, it’s BK here— ‘cept, I’m gonna have it my way. It’s not veiled, it’s just general purpose; given the chance I will expose and invert you. This also includes your rape and intimidation subsidiaries.

[edit: jurisdictional clarification. ]

More Feudal Quotes

Yes, we are happy for them to mistake power for strength, why do you ask?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Right now in fact:

  • I am bored listening to millionaires talk about fairness.
  • I am bored listening to wolves talk about open coops being good for chickens.
  • I am bored listening to spell casters talk about the facts being the problem.

Just Noticing

I’m just noticing that a lot of my ground truth on matters internetty is based on the proposition that the internet is on a continuum with other means of individual creative expression; internet, tv, movies, radio…(skip ahead, brother)…live voice, our bodies. And that it is also this way with tools of individual education, certainly. But (ding!) others may see the thing differently. Perhaps as primarily a token game platform, or a herding mechanism.

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Don’t shoot yourself in the foot just to prove them wrong about the gun being loaded.

Then carefully replace that little paper seal.
Yes, after putting the cards in the correct order.
Then mail it with a little personal msg.
Which you playback against the cards, et voilà!
And the little piece of chocolate?
Who doesn’t like chocolate?
🗝 👀

It’s clear, yes? You want the auditors asking themselves why the admiral prints two copies a lot, rather than why the hell is Sgt. Suspect printing out those files? Yes, I’m keeping it kissy. But obviously some one is not keeping their creases tight.

There it is! lprintr4579hd3j48.dumpCache() Yes, I am implying that the Cyber-blah-bla Specialist got at his ceremonial sacrifices by dumping printer caches. OwldSkoool!

Murderous Lunacy - Solace in Howling

What I really must also address here is a rather dark comment I made on this topic recently, amounting to “c’est la guerre”, a hand wave, and a plume of smoke. Not exactly progressive. So while somewhat surreal, it strikes me as not a completely doomed idea: contrive circumstance to provide a compelling ROI, both metaphorically for communities at large, but also in a literal business sense, for regulatory services for the arms and munitions industries.

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