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An example from Wolfram to be found in this collection I mentioned in previous post.

It gets hairy technical and mucho mathy, but the illustrations will help enormously, and the progression of ideas is well considered, pedagogically sound.

I see many people here are interested in the topic of artificial intelligence.
This collection of materials will surely be worthy of review. AI Canon from a16z

Disclaimer: VC sourcing and I’ve read only here and there, but Wolfram is cool and original papers are available, etc.

Don’t believe folks who tell you the only acceptable way to be your true self is to lie about it to prevent their discomfort. That’s hokum. Of course, if your true self is inextricably intertwined with making others uncomfortable, well, can I interest you in our selection of alternate planets…

“Even if the only commonality they share is uniqueness do not classify as ’unclassifiable‘”. The instruction doubled-back on itself, the ticker-tape now entangled with the hole-puncher, changing its own nature by random, stumpftt, stumpftt, stumpftt, little paper flakes, thread flecked, floating.

Suggestions for 3 attribution labels better than “content creator”

  • Authorrex: authors which really author the shit out of it.

  • Authorette: authors just getting started with smaller keyboards.

  • Authoroni: authors like me just repackaging the ramen.

Most debilitating is when I try to stop for a moment and attend to the actual obtaining circumstances of my own life. I can’t help seeing my collection of problems and challenges for what they are, ludicrously simple, laughable unimportant, and the opposite of urgent. I must find a way to do it anyway.

We see the same stupid, greed-head, get my boat this quarter thinking, repeated in variations.


It’s the clicks, that’s where the money is. Count the clicks. We have more clicks. Charge more for ads. Run ads about clicks.


It’s the links, that’s where the money is. More links to your links. We have more links. Charge more for ads. Run ads about links.


It’s the likes and the boosts, that’s where the money is. Count the likes and the boosts. We have more. Charge more for ads. Run ads about who likes who and who boosts who.


Maybe ai could click things, and link things, and like things, and boost things for us. Then people can vote on how good of a job the ai are doing, clicking and linking and liking and boosting. That’s where the money is. Charge more for ads. Ads about which are the best ais!

Continuing this train of thought

Of course, I’m working from the luxury of believing I understand how this stuff works for my ends. Currently I compose my content on my devices and I store it there, and back it up locally. Then I post this material to my domain, So folks can go there and read it and look at it. Then, instantaneously really, it is shared to people on…and anyone who follows me there…or subscribes to my rss feed(s)…or follows me on deadbird where they can belittle or ignore it (☠️🙃🤪❥)…or the hairy elephant (mastodon, ho ho, I’m so funny) where they and I are mostly peers, in discussion at least, and I have no need for boost…and Tumblr, if I connected to it…or Flikr, if I connect to it…and so on. And not just services that can’t buy a vowel, but many others, via scripting and such.

So I have my private source, and my public domain. I can easily push from one into the other. I can interact with any/everyone on all the places where I’m bkryer, which is any/everywhere.

Thanks for making this so easy. It is worth more than a $10 shake.

Just Noticing

I’m just noticing that a lot of my ground truth on matters internetty is based on the proposition that the internet is on a continuum with other means of individual creative expression; internet, tv, movies, radio…(skip ahead, brother)…live voice, our bodies. And that it is also this way with tools of individual education, certainly. But (ding!) others may see the thing differently. Perhaps as primarily a token game platform, or a herding mechanism.

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I guess a lot of us are I’m just looking for some help untangling the kite strings.

I’ll put it this way: If one is unhappy, not only is one entitled to do something about it, one is required to, for everyone else‘s sake, and also one’s own. And being both alive 😀 and free enable one to do this. It’s kind of a whole package.

Really tired of grown ups on TV surprised that an IT technician has access to IT resources, which means access to everything, everywhere, all at once. Have you sneaky hackeretti convinced everyone you’re really only about corn chips, first person shooters, and porn? Well done ya fux, well done.

Whatz you need? Diamonds…hnuh…powdered milk? I get it for you. BRIDE? I get it.

You’re just saying white things.

If in city I get it for you…popcornz, bleachez, nurse…

Stop. No, not you, keep walking…

…shark tooth…cueball…marzshmallow…
…mini-marzshmallow…albino monkey…Betty!…I get it.
…talcum…smash potato…polarz bear…crisco…
…mayonaisez…shaves cream…little bent bit o' plastic spork…

Six of One, Half Dozen of an Other

Hitting me in the heart with your words is equal to me hitting you in the head with my stick. Six of one…

No—that’s half of one to six dozen of an other, i.e. gross…a gross…aha, a ha ha ha. Ahem—it’s not the same. You’re mistaking the inside for the outside, you see?

Obcure New Law

§ Any internet entity requiring an identity test to use their services must provide, in visual proximity to main user interface elements, another such element that a) provides complete activity log and content of the account as downloadable, b) provides an option to delete the account, the log, and the content immediately.

Murderous Lunacy - Solace in Howling

What I really must also address here is a rather dark comment I made on this topic recently, amounting to “c’est la guerre”, a hand wave, and a plume of smoke. Not exactly progressive. So while somewhat surreal, it strikes me as not a completely doomed idea: contrive circumstance to provide a compelling ROI, both metaphorically for communities at large, but also in a literal business sense, for regulatory services for the arms and munitions industries.

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Fictional Investor Brief

Turing Tours - AI Training

Company Name Turing Tours
Industry AI Training Data Sets
Founded 2023
Assets IP ownership and license in excess of 12.5k petas (raw, estimated)
CRate Domain conversion exceeds ~200 gigs per day/domain
EYield Entropy holds at -.03

Trusted Securities Advisor ChatGPT

Trusted securities advisor ChatGPT says this is what we’ll hear from the Federal Reserve in their next statement (Note that ChatGPT has no information past September 2021): At the Federal Reserve, we are deeply concerned about the current banking liquidity crisis. We understand the challenges faced by financial institutions in managing their liquidity risk in the current environment of heightened uncertainty and volatility. To address this crisis, we are taking several measures to support the liquidity needs of banks and ensure the stability of the financial system.

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Hey Texas, do you want to establish fertile ground for a black-market on abortion-pills? Because that’s how … oh, god, it’s so tiring…

Hey Tennessee, do you want more drag shows, cuz, that’s how you get more drag shows.

Can I draw your attention to another cockamamie idea from almost a hundred years ago: prohibition?

Do I have to hold your hand for the rest of this—do you want a link or something?

I can’t wait until this kind of BS is 100 years ago as well.

…and how long are we going to believe the bullshit story about “some bad actors”? It is not just some actors—it is most of the cast and crew, half the producers, and a selection of production company executives.

I wouldn’t go to catering alone, is all I’m saying…