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I love saving precious microseconds everyday. (So far I’ve got about 15 minutes in reserve!) Imagine just typing ‘mbphotos’ and having it replaced with ‘📷📸’. Fun!

Do you want to know more?


One of the most charming information presentations I’m aware of, this measuring stick traces human civilization across time with keywords on the front and events on the back. Children learn more about history by playing with this for 20 minutes than they do in 20 days of lessons.

Foldable ruler with world historical events


When the machine gets something right, like when my music service suggested this percussion parkour, I am both happy and predictably fawning in the comment thread running as a background process in my head, “Wow, how great that my service provider thought I would like this—and I do! Nifty. I love my corporate choices!” Lots of exclamation points in the comment thread.

When they get it wrong, however, I blame myself.

This last round of “new music we thought you might like” did not intersect with my audio desire much at all. I reflect on this as I hit ⏩ again: ”This is what you think I like based on what I listen to?!?! My taste in music must suck…” I lambast my poor choices, instead of the category engines outputs, whenever reality doesn’t match up with the sci-fi version I expect life to already be. I want to believe.

An example from Wolfram to be found in this collection I mentioned in previous post.

It gets hairy technical and mucho mathy, but the illustrations will help enormously, and the progression of ideas is well considered, pedagogically sound.

I see many people here are interested in the topic of artificial intelligence.
This collection of materials will surely be worthy of review. AI Canon from a16z

Disclaimer: VC sourcing and I’ve read only here and there, but Wolfram is cool and original papers are available, etc.

Don’t believe folks who tell you the only acceptable way to be your true self is to lie about it to prevent their discomfort. That’s hokum. Of course, if your true self is inextricably intertwined with making others uncomfortable, well, can I interest you in our selection of alternate planets…

“Even if the only commonality they share is uniqueness do not classify as ’unclassifiable‘”. The instruction doubled-back on itself, the ticker-tape now entangled with the hole-puncher, changing its own nature by random, stumpftt, stumpftt, stumpftt, little paper flakes, thread flecked, floating.

Suggestions for 3 attribution labels better than “content creator”

  • Authorrex: authors which really author the shit out of it.

  • Authorette: authors just getting started with smaller keyboards.

  • Authoroni: authors like me just repackaging the ramen.