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If you are thinking about doing something a little gangsta this afternoon—or even if not—have a listen to this before you go, just to sort of loosen up :-)

Prof - Big Hungry Monster

Prof - Horse

Life Is Good In the Greenhouse

A great little ditty from a great little combo from way back when…

Everybody says something, truth lies or both
But dear all your hot air don’t encourage growth
Do you wonder why I look so fresh?
Do you wonder why I look so tall?
Do you wonder why you’ll never ever move me?
Life is good in the greenhouse
Rather be a plant than be your Mickey Mouse
— XTC from Go2, 1978

XTC - Go2, 1978

So Why the Story

To get at why stories seem to me fundamental building blocks of reality I have to backpedal and talk about pictures for a bit. ❡ Building blocks of reality? Dude, smoke another bowl… ❡ Pictures. We know what those are. Kind of freeze frames of the light available at some particular moment. Pictures of things, pictures of words. We consume and conceptualize them now as pixel collections, sometimes printed, mostly on screen.

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