Good god—sorry for all of the obviously he hasn’t read this at all type of typos. [ EDIT: this of course refers to some typographical errors I made in the last post, which I have of course now gone back into and corrected, because who wants to leave that stuff laying around, right? ]

Not that anyone gives a hoot, but we notice even if we don’t say anything, right? Right.

To comfort you in this desperate time let me share this typo. It happens to all of us, one way or another.

I really don’t know why I am not posting more. But of course I do.

I really don’t know why I am not posting more. But of course I do. Probably the euphoria, not the show, the actual chemical bath I’ve been enjoying for over a fortnight. Really probably mostly that. And the good strong hope you brought refreshments weather, and all the biking (I’ll be mentioning this over and over so be warned. In fact this parenthetical is vying to take over the entire post!

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Living a more value aligned life style does have its perks. It is faddish, but an e-bike has been such a total bonus for how I do my thing.

If there is one thing I’ve learned after all of these years it is that there is more than just one thing to learn. Really oodles, just look.

It is true. I was no match for that sulky girl.

I recognize that half the time it is hard to tell if I’m joking or even what I’m talking about. We will attend to that, I assure you, in upcoming weeks.

But, for real, I’m scaling down and have plenty of stuff you are dying to store in you cellar.

If you are near 97206 then take a look. It can’t hurt and there are still home made cassettes of moody 80’s tunes, and 4 fluxx, and a JBL Creature II, and so on…

Step Right Up

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The House Always Wins.

Is self doxing a thing? Anyway, I’m liquidating a household and I know some microbloggers are in the PDX domain, and maybe even some tweeters, and way out on the fringes could even be some wandering mastadoners with interest in free household bits of every description, and a few for cash (please) type items. Say a ps4pro with reddead2 for $250. Whatevs my son said 400 is the “real” used price.

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Even when the dead are the only ones asking questions, don’t forget—only the living can hear the answers.

Record highs? Let’s make some public art anyway, decided #FoPo stronglings! Thx! Love the motif- rise and set, east and west, the entire spectrum.