Red, and a little blue.

Close up of spiky red rubber ball


It’s no wonder Ante Up wants to hang around, Kaju always looks like he‘s fresh out of the tub, it‘s uncanny.


Yeah, we are just going to have this huge chrome sculpture in our front yard until we decide on a spot in the amphitheater. Sure.

Chrome statue of two large human figures in front of a suburban home.


You know you’re semi-good lookin‘.


I couldn’t yet locate information about the name of this piece or the artist, but it is in the center of a little traffic circle at Park Tower condominiums on Howard Hughes Parkway. The area is one of the most rejuvenating public spaces in the core, around the corner from the Sphere.

Statue with sun behind in traffic circle at Park Towers



Another architectural anomaly in Las Vegas. Go figure. The building‘s official name is, prepare yourself, Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health - Las Vegas, but you can use LRCBH if you’re into the whole brevity thing. And yes, I too noticed that they left out the two C’s.

Neurology Clinic designed by Frank Gehry


“What happened to you during the riots?”
“Oh nothing, I was fine. I had a customizable action button on my watch.”

Is anyone gonna tell Dominos that stuffed cheesy bread is just a lazy calzone?


One of the most charming information presentations I’m aware of, this measuring stick traces human civilization across time with keywords on the front and events on the back. Children learn more about history by playing with this for 20 minutes than they do in 20 days of lessons.

Foldable ruler with world historical events



If language is funny, then character recognition is hilarious.
Okay, so it’s something like, uh…zero beasts went by road to Omega building.
Right?—No, I’ve got it: ecitto, Italian slang for an etching often offered as a party favor.
Or were you able to flip and rotate the text in your mind’s eye to read ”OFFICE”?

Office sign, reversed and transposed a quarter turn, on yellow wall.