Sipping coffee, taking in the view. A few school age children waiting for a ride. “Nice smiles…they’re ready for the day” This suddenly pushed out by new thought “What if someone comes up and starts shooting them?” Now I’m crying, ready to stand in front of them, but from which direction?

Don’t think of it as falling. Think of it as a forced advance on the ground, and you can’t miss! ♜

Do you know what you ask kids? “What do you think you’re doing?”
Do you know what you ask grown-ups? “What are you doing?”
Do you know why? Because grown-ups know and kids think they know.

And, yeah, I know I’m a kid sometimes… [ kicks at the dirt, head bowed ] ….

12XU & Mr. Suit = Job Well Done

“I’m the operator, with my pocket calculator.”
— Kraftwerk, Computer World, 1981

Hey, all you death cult fux, ghoul icons, and your buddies in com, gov & mil, it’s BK here— ‘cept, I’m gonna have it my way. It’s not veiled, it’s just general purpose; given the chance I will expose and invert you. This also includes your rape and intimidation subsidiaries.

[edit: jurisdictional clarification. ]

Shimmy Shimmy

swimming pool shimmering with stairs

📷 📸

So I guess that Read Write Data Services (RWDS) is no longer in contention for the new product name?

If you think we’re gonna make it, you better hang on to yourself.
— David Bowie, Hang On To Yourself from Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, 1977.

If white men were really superior they wouldn’t have lost every war they started. Relax.

More Feudal Quotes

Yes, we are happy for them to mistake power for strength, why do you ask?

What was that lyric from Jello Biafra again? Oh, yeah!

You ain’t the cops. It ain’t anarchy.
Nazi punks, nazi punks, nazi punks, F*CK OFF!

Imagine guitar noises too, if it helps.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Right now in fact:

  • I am bored listening to millionaires talk about fairness.
  • I am bored listening to wolves talk about open coops being good for chickens.
  • I am bored listening to spell casters talk about the facts being the problem.

Star-bellies Unite!

To be SOOOOOO concerned with race and not know what the fuck it is. What are we doing?

Well, that may just be all I need of Mastodon.


It really fucks me off when people pretend they know me, cuz’ cousin’, ya don’t.

When you receive unemployment benefits, they should also include a little box of pilfered binder clips and dry erase markers—just to maintain a lifestyle, y’know. ❥

I updated the update to the Anagram Puzzle. Maybe easier now? 🤔

Who says America doesn’t care about its children? I just saw an ad and get this: both Cocoa Pebbles AND Fruity Pebbles have a new crunch. C’mon, we’re just givin‘ away crunch tech to kids. We love ‘em!

Updated my anagram puzzle. Good luck!

Anagram Puzzle

Take these nine letters


and rearrange them into words of the given length based on the clues below.

So the answer to the first is a seven letter word and then a two letter word. The answer to the next uses the same nine letters, but the answer is three words of length 1, 3, and 5, and the order matters.

Make sense? Have at it! DON’T peak at the footnotes (answers)!

Mock-worthy sales pitch: 7,2 1

What Stormy might say: 1,3,5 2

Desert land offer: 6,3 3

Put down cheeses: 4,5 4

Point out flood tools: 2,7 5

What a knight vampire might say: 1,3,5 6

Pacific Rim, Dark Tower star: 5,4 7

Tony west coast bad mouthing: 3,3,3 8

Women kid! : 6,3 9

Bonus! - Add one letter for a 10 letter anagram, the clue: Bawdy fun: 10 10

[ edit: I had a clue badly wrong. Fixed. Y’all get more time to solve! ]

[ edit: I added two more clues and a bonus! I’ll post the answer in reply here. ]

[ edit: I changed things around a bit and gave the 9 letters to get you started. ]

Watch OUT, here come the answers… ❥

  1. RISIBLE AD ↩︎

  2. I BED LIARS ↩︎

  3. ISRAEL BID ↩︎

  4. LAID BRIES ↩︎

  5. ID BAILERS ↩︎

  6. I SIR BLADE ↩︎

  7. IDRIS ELBA ↩︎

  8. BEL AIR DIS ↩︎

  9. LADIES RIB ↩︎

  10. + R = RIBALDRIES ↩︎

Y’ever twist your arm trying to pat yourself on the back? Or taught someone a lesson by learning it right in front of them? Or told yourself something in confidence but then spilled the beans? Okay, so this universe does have a sense of humour, right?

We see the same stupid, greed-head, get my boat this quarter thinking, repeated in variations.


It’s the clicks, that’s where the money is. Count the clicks. We have more clicks. Charge more for ads. Run ads about clicks.


It’s the links, that’s where the money is. More links to your links. We have more links. Charge more for ads. Run ads about links.


It’s the likes and the boosts, that’s where the money is. Count the likes and the boosts. We have more. Charge more for ads. Run ads about who likes who and who boosts who.


Maybe ai could click things, and link things, and like things, and boost things for us. Then people can vote on how good of a job the ai are doing, clicking and linking and liking and boosting. That’s where the money is. Charge more for ads. Ads about which are the best ais!